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One of the oldest pulp and paper plants in Russia. In 1845 Englishmen Ivan Rogers and Daniil Reiner founded a stationery factory Tsarskoslavianskaya on the banks of the Izhora river. In 1885 the factory was purchased by a British citizen Yegor Frantzevich Reiner, a merchant from Tsarskoye Selo. The new owner committed to expand the factory relying on sugar industry, which was quickly developing in those years, and decided to become the biggest supplier of sugar paper. Reiner installed more powerful equipment. The factory produced 60 thousand poods of wrapping paper and sugar paper.
In 1901 the factory came into possession of Partnership of Krasnoselskaya stationery factory “K. P. Pechatkin inheritors” and following several changes made to the equipment the factory began to manufacture thin and expensive types of paper. K. P. Pechatkin inheritors worked hard to expand and reconstruct the factory during 1912–1914. They built two-storey masonry premises for pulp divisions, expanded the boiler facility, renewed steam-power equipment, installed a Voiht paper machine and upgraded two existing ones. They also built a narrow-gauge track from Antropshino station to the factory yard.
After the revolution in 1918 the factory was nationalized and in 1919 it got a new name — Kommunar. The first five-year plans were marked by expansion of production, and by the beginning of the World War II the output of 4 paper machines reached 6 thousand tons of different paper grades and 715 thousand reels of tracing paper. Since 1963 the factory produces paper pulp without interruption and focuses on non-printing grades of paper. It was exactly on the base paper produced by the Kommunar factory that the first picture of the reverse side of the moon was taken. Until mid-1970s the factory was the only backbone enterprise of Kommunar town, and it had created almost all town infrastructures.
Today Joint-Stock Company Paper Mill Kommunar is a well-known in Russia and abroad manufacturer of wrapping and non-printing paper grades and cardboard with base weight form 25 to 175 g/m2, which are widely used in confectionery, medical, food, metal, printing and other industries. The factory pays special attention to improving the quality of its production. Since November 2002 the quality management system has been successfully functioning in accordance with the international requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard. The proximity of the factory to Saint-Petersburg and to main traffic flows is the trump card of Paper Mill Kommunar and its advantage over manufacturers of similar products.
Production capacity:
42000 tons of corrugating paper or board,
47000 tons of kraft paper (grade A),
770 tons of white paper grade
Main markets:
Russia, Europe, ex-USSR countries, Asia, countries of South America, Africa.
427 employees work on the factory